• Question: do you find your job rewarding?

    Asked by KeiraR to Andrew, Angela, Eleanor, Emma, Withdrawn on 14 Mar 2016.
    • Photo: Angela Oliveira Pisco

      Angela Oliveira Pisco answered on 14 Mar 2016:

      yes, specially the very few days when I discover something new and I can write a scientific paper!

    • Photo: Andrew Pidgeon

      Andrew Pidgeon answered on 14 Mar 2016:

      I do! When I go home on an evening I reflect and think well today went well/not so well.. Usually it is from the input, as a team, that we have on reducing the number of incidents on the road by technology!

    • Photo: Eleanor Sherwen

      Eleanor Sherwen answered on 15 Mar 2016:

      Yes, I do. It really helps when I’m facing a difficult challenge to say “if I can crack this, it will make cycling better for lots of people” and that motivates me to keep trying.