• Question: What attributes does someone need to be an engineer?

    Asked by HaNnAh :| to Andrew, Angela, Eleanor, Emma, Withdrawn on 14 Mar 2016.
    • Photo: Angela Oliveira Pisco

      Angela Oliveira Pisco answered on 14 Mar 2016:

      you need to be hard-working, curious and eager to find a solution to any problem you might encounter. I think a critical attribute is also the capacity to start and finish something!

    • Photo: Andrew Pidgeon

      Andrew Pidgeon answered on 14 Mar 2016:

      Every engineer I meet is different to the next! I would say it helps to be logical, enjoy investigating why things do what they do and also question everything!

      Some of the best engineers didn’t get involved in engineering til they were at least 21 years old so don’t pressure yourself if you don’t fit the mould!

    • Photo: Eleanor Sherwen

      Eleanor Sherwen answered on 18 Mar 2016:

      I think being curious and looking for the reasons behind things is most important, you are always given new problems to work out.

      Other than that, it really varies depending on the engineer. Being analytical and patient is good. But then I also meet engineers who are very experimental and impatient, and they get a lot done by trying all the different approaches to the problem and not being fussed by a few failed attempts, they’re confident they will find the solution.