• Question: What's been your hardest part of joining this competition? (apart from answering all your questions!)

    Asked by Percabeth4ever2 to Andrew, Eleanor, Emma, Withdrawn on 16 Mar 2016.
    • Photo: Andrew Pidgeon

      Andrew Pidgeon answered on 16 Mar 2016:

      I have been working extra hours to allow me to do this. so I am doing it in my own time and on top of my university studies and family life it has been the most difficult. I hope though that I have responded when asked though 🙂

    • Photo: Eleanor Sherwen

      Eleanor Sherwen answered on 16 Mar 2016:

      Trying to really analyse and explain why I made certain choices – you’re all asking as if I knew I’d want to be an engineer aged 4 and planned every detail perfectly! Real life was much more chaotic and unplanned!