• Question: What's your favourite book?

    Asked by Percabeth4ever2 to Andrew, Eleanor, Emma, Withdrawn on 16 Mar 2016.
    • Photo: Andrew Pidgeon

      Andrew Pidgeon answered on 16 Mar 2016:

      iRobot by Asimov 🙂

      Read it!!

    • Photo: Eleanor Sherwen

      Eleanor Sherwen answered on 16 Mar 2016:

      My favourite is a short story, Nightfall by Isaac Asimov. He’s my favourite author

    • Photo: Emma Bradley

      Emma Bradley answered on 17 Mar 2016:

      I read so much, it is really hard to answer this question. Umm, I’ll give you a couple of books I read recently that I really enjoyed: Station Eleven by Emily St John Mandel; The Martian by Andy Weir; The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell.

      Obviously Harry Potter is the all time favourite though!