• Question: Where do you see yourself and your career in 5 years time??

    Asked by Queen H to Andrew, Angela, Eleanor, Emma, Withdrawn on 10 Mar 2016. This question was also asked by Queen B, 873mete32.
    • Photo: Andrew Pidgeon

      Andrew Pidgeon answered on 10 Mar 2016:

      hopefully designing some systems that control autonomous vehicles around city centres

    • Photo: Angela Oliveira Pisco

      Angela Oliveira Pisco answered on 14 Mar 2016:

      My hope in 5 years is to be an assistant professor, teaching big data classes and managing my research group at the same time!

    • Photo: Eleanor Sherwen

      Eleanor Sherwen answered on 15 Mar 2016:

      Brompton gives me such varied and complex work that this is the first job I’ve ever thought yes, I will still have lots to learn in 5 years time. So in 5 years I’d like to be here, to have delivered lots of successful bike projects, to be perhaps more senior within the team, and to know that I have earned the respect of my colleagues as a good designer. It is going well so far.